Tennis is an increasingly popular sport both for those who watch it only on TV, but also for those who want to win money betting on it! Many tennis fans sign up with the best tennis bookmakers to combine the pursuit of an engaging sport with the satisfaction of winning a fantastic bet. The following article will give you all the information about the best tennis betting sites in Ireland!

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How to choose the best tennis betting sites?

Tennis (alongside football and handball) is one of the most popular sports among bettors in Ireland. Therefore, if you want to bet on this sport, you’ll find plenty of great bookies that offer markets for it!
So, how do you decide which one to sign up with? First off, make sure the betting site offers the following:

Various betting markets, especially the ones you like to bet on
Above average odds and coverage for a wide range of sports, in case you want to bet on something else but tennis
Offers bonuses dedicated to betting on tennis competitions;
Rich offer of live tennis bets and live streaming of the games you can bet on


Reputation, License & Security: make sure you only bet with licensed bookies, that enjoy good reputation among bettors and that have invested in security processes such as SSL encryption for your personal & banking details

Special Promotions: the betting sites at the top of all our lists are usually the ones that constantly offer the best promotions and bonuses for betting on various tennis competitions.

Competitive odds: tennis betting is advantageous only if your bookie offers above average odds. And if these odds are much higher than those of the competitors, that betting site is definitely perfect for you.

What are the most important tennis competitions?

When it comes to tennis betting sites, you should know that, despite offering this sport, not all of them also offer increased odds and extended betting options for it! For exemple, professional tennis bettors always opt for live tennis bets and bookies that have the Cash Out function.
The biggest tennis tournaments are: WTA, ATP, ITF, Fed Cup and Davis Cup, and they are organized both in women’s and men’s singles, as well as in doubles or mixed doubles. Which means you have a wide range of live and pre-match tennis bets at your disposal.

Grand Slams – the most prestigious tennis competitions, which offer you spectacular odds and where any bettor can make unexpected profits
Australian Open – the tennis tournament that opens the season and where you’ll enjoy tennis bets at above average odds
French Open – also known as the Roland Garros tournament, is extremely competitive and usually comes with increased odds and lots of free bets
Wimbledon – one of the oldest tennis tournaments and competitions, extremely popular for irish tennis bettors
Us Open – the American tournament where you can place tennis bets at impressive odds
Laver Cup – the tournament where you can bet on European players fighting for supremacy with players from the rest of the world

The esential markets you should find for beting on tennis:

Match winner – is the most popular type of tennis bet, and as you probably already know, you have to predict the winner of the match.

Set bets – this category could include several types of bets such as: set winner, total number of sets, handicap bets on sets and much more.

Game bets – most top online bookmakers offer pre match and live odds for each point in a game.

Handicap: Here, you have to predict the performance of a particular player. Basically, you are betting on a player to perform according to expectation or better. If your player performed according to expectations, you will win the bet.

Learn to correctly analyze a tennis match

Matches on various surfaces (Clay, Cement, Grass, Indoor)

Players often under-perform or over-perform against certain players at certain times of the season and on certain surfaces. Andy Murray is useless on clay but very good on grass.
Look at when players may have had an easy or difficult match in the previous rounds – A series of difficult matches will have different effects on different players depending on their injuries, fitness levels and intensity of the tournament.

Consider the International breaks which are for Davis Cup and the Olympic games. These can often break or improve a player’s form.
Distances travelled for players playing in tournaments far from home can affect performances as well as the countries court type of the player. Spanish and French are strong on clay, Americans and Australians are strong on cement, Russians are strong on all.

Player Rankings
Be sure to check the ranking position of the players in the match before making a bet because the closer their ranking to each other the closer the games and matches are more likely to be, while a large gap between the rankings can mean more “love” games (4 point to zero points) and sets to “love” (6-0).

We sometimes think a player is good because they are famous but that does not always mean they are doing well at this time. Consider that a player in 17th is not always going to beat a player that is 39th – especially when you consider whether the player in 17th is falling in the rankings and the player that is 39th is moving up the rankings.
Use the rankings table to check the points differences between the players and how close they are to moving up or down as this can affect their motivation levels at tournaments.

Check the ranking points allocated for winning tournaments on the ATP tour as this will affect how seriously or motivated a player may be for winning the tournament.

Past Results
Check how many sets the player has “dropped” (lost) through the tournament as this can indicate where the player is weaker or which opponents have caused them problems. This is very useful in later betting when the players meet again in the future and you are looking for value.

Look out for “Bogey” players – These are players that for some reason often lose against one specific player whenever they player even when there is a huge gap between the players’ ranking positions.

Weather: an important factor in tennis!

Think about the season, the location of the match and the time of the match.

The tennis players are from all over the world and some of those players often find it difficult to adapt to the climate or weather of the country where they playing. The South American and Spanish players do not enjoy playing on a cold cloudy day in London in June while the European players find it hard to play in 35c degrees on a sunny afternoon in Australia.

Consider the court and stadium conditions – a dryer court makes the ball bounce higher, a humid atmosphere makes the ball travel further and faster. This is very useful for powerful servers leading to more aces.

Think about the rain. Rain often delays matches, sometimes for long periods which affects players. Some recover well while others lose their focus. Check for players who react better or worse after rain delays. Use this for “Live” or “In-game” betting.

Bet live on tennis

Let’s be honest – many of those who bet on tennis, do it live. And, sadly, many of those who bet live, do so without watching the tennis matches. Simply picing your favorite and placing a bet on the player’s name that sounds more familiar to you, will not bring you profits. Unless you get luck yonce or twice, which can happen.

For those who want to constantly turn a profit from betting on tennis, our advice (which is very important for any other sports as well), is to only bet live on the matches you can also watch!
A player’s performance can shift several times during a match. Furthermore, tennis can move pretty quickly compared to other sports resulting in some fairly swift market changes so always be sure that the action you are watching is not on any sort of delay. Here are the best bookies for in play betting:

Best Tennis sites: our conclusion!

Betting on tennis can definitely be profitable if you choose the right bookie and follow the advice we wrote above. now, if you’re interested in a top of bookies by different criteria, here are some you should absolutely have a look at!


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