Looking for the best horse racing betting sites for Irish punters? We’ve got you covered! Our team of experienced horse racing tipsters shares their top 10 favorite bookies and their winning strategies! If you want to beat the bookie, this guide of the best horse racing betting sites will show you everything you need to know, from how to bet on horses, how to choose the right betting site, how to take advantage of special features and more!

Best horse racing betting sites for Irish players


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Best horse racing sites: how to get started!

Although the way people bet on horseracing changed dramatically with the creation of the internet and technology that saw the introductions of horse racing betting sites and online and mobile wagering opportunities, some of the iconic races are held for hundreds of years and carry traditions of centuries.

There are hundreds of races taking place throughout the year, but there are several big races that all punters should keep an eye on, whether they favour flat racing or National Hunt racing over obstacles. Whether you attend these races in person or just monitor them on the best horse racing sites, there is plenty of action to keep up with.

So, where should you be going to place your bets on horse racing? There are so many different sites out there that can offer great odds, you just need to track them down. If you have interests in other areas of sports betting, you should definitely consider finding a site that is able to offer several types of betting. Where you find football bets, you also frequently find horse racing wagers, as the two are the most popular sports in Ireland. Our guide below will show you everything you need to know so you can make money with horse racing bets!




PRO TIP: Sign up with at least 3 horse racing bookies!

Can you make money from horce racing betting? Absolutely! But, you’ll have to treat betting as your part-time (or even full time, if you have that luxury) business. And every business starts with an investment, be it time or money that you allocate towards your goals. In this case, you’ll need a bit of both, and we say a bit, because most bookmakers accept as little as 5€ deposit to start betting.

No matter if you bet for fun or professionally/as a side hustle, opening accounts with at least 3 different bookmakers is the most important step. Here are a couple of reasons why:

Select the best offer

By having accounts at multiple bookmakers, we have more options to bet on the event we’re interested in, as well as find some value. Having accounts at multiple bookmakers allows us not to miss a single opportunity. Simply saying, we are betting on what we want instead of on what we can.

Odds shopping

Odds shopping. One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced punters is neglecting even the tiniest odds difference. Are you also guilty of it? Is a 2% price difference a lot or not? We’ll tell you that 2% is huge in betting. For example, there is the event priced up at 1.80 (4/5) at the bookmaker A and 1.83 (83/100) at the bookmaker B. Nothing special at first sight, the difference is barely 2%. ut as we have already mentioned a number of times, betting is not about breaking the bank the first week, it’s rather about making a constant & systematic profit.
Winning a bet with the odds of 1.83 (83/100), instead of 1.80 (4/5), and a €100 stake will get us a €3 profit, ten similar bets will make it €30, 100 - €300, and so on.

Take advantage of multiple bonuses & promotions

Top online bookmakers do whatever they can to lure new clients and keep the old ones for long. They offer generous welcome bonuses, cashbacks, free bets and other special promotions. Let’s not leave them without a chance to please us by taking advantage of whatever is offered to us. You can easily collect up to a couple of hundreds on welcome bonuses just by signing up with multiple betting websites. Such an awesome opportunity is hard to be passed on even by the top bettors.

Avoiding limits

On the one hand, bookmakers really enjoy giving away bonuses, but on the other one, they are constantly monitoring regularly winning punters. Sooner or later (depending on the operator) such tipsters will get under the bookmaker’s radar. The bookmaker is then going to limit the account by disallowing its user to place bets with the odds exceeding a certain level, making it extremely unprofitable. This is another reason to have multiple accounts.


When it comes to placing bets on horse races, you need to be thoroughly informed about the horses taking part in the race and their jockeys. You must also know the type of track the race takes place on (dirt, turf, artificial turf), the length of the track and the number of participants. In addition, consider analysing the jockey and the age of the horse. If the two have competed together before, there are chances that they will manage perfectly fine this time as well, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the horse. The age of the horse often influences the final result. An old horse has good endurance, but it cannot be compared to the sprint of a young one.

There are races in which extra weights are added to the horses, those are called “handicapped races”. If it’s been a long time since a pair won the race, you can’t conclude that they will be the favorite to win the race now. Experienced gamblers speculate on these things and can turn them into huge advantages that play in their favor.

More about horse racing

Horse racing has two distinct forms — either without obstacles, known as Flat racing, or over obstacles, known as Jumps racing, or National Hunt racing. Within National Hunt racing there are two further classifications; Hurdle races and Chase races, with the difference being the type of obstacles the horses jump over.

As a general rule of thumb, Jumps racing runs through the winter and Flat racing goes through the summer, although in practice you can find both forms of racing running to at least some degree all through the year in the UK and Ireland. Most horses are trained specifically to run in either Flat or National Hunt races, although again there are horses that will run in both Flat and Jumps races at different points in their career, or even the season.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

The most common bet type in horse racing is a Win bet. This means, as you’d expect, you are betting on a certain horse to win the race. Each horse is assigned odds based on how likely bookmakers think it is to win the race, with the bigger the odds meaning the more money you get back from your Win bet.

You may also place your Win bet using Starting Price, or SP, rather than taking the odds on offer at the time. SP is the official starting odds for a horse, which is determined by a number of on-course bookmakers immediately after the start of the race. This is a risky way of betting as you have no way of knowing the odds of your bet until after the race has started. In this day and age, with the prevalence of Best Odds Guaranteed, whereby if the odds on your horse get bigger after you place the bet you still get the bigger odds anyway, SP betting is becoming less and less popular. But it is still an option.

Each way bet

If you are less certain that your horse will finish first in the race, or you would just like some insurance on your bet, you can change your bet to an Each Way (E/W) bet. If you choose to make your selection an Each Way bet, it essentially doubles your stake and turns your one bet in to two – one part of the bet is on the horse to win the race, with the other part being a bet on the horse to ‘place’, or to finish within a certain amount of runners at the front of the field, at a set fraction of the horses Win odds. Here is an example:

  • The horse you want to bet on has odds of 10/1 in an 8-runner handicap race, and you want to bet 10€. You then decide you want to make it an Each Way bet. You do this by simply ticking the ‘E/W’ box on the bet slip
  • If the stake of your win bet was 10€, selecting the E/W box will change your stake to 20€
  • 10€ of your bet is now on the horse to come 1st at 10/1
  • The other 10€ of your bet is on the horse to finish in the top 3, at 1/5 of 10/1
  • So, if your horse wins, the win part of your bet wins at 10/1 and the EW part wins at 1/5 of 10/1
  • If your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd, the win part of your bet is a loser, however you still win money as the EW part will still pay out

Each Way betting is a great way to ensure you still win money even if your horse doesn’t win the race. Bear in mind though, different races will have different Each Way terms depending mainly on how many horses are running. This means the ‘place’ part of your bet will vary on where your horse needs to finish to be a winning bet, and also the fraction of the original odds that the Each Way part will pay.

WHat are the best horce racing betting sites in ireland?

If you already possess a clear understanding of how horse racing works and are looking to place your first bet online, then you’ll find all the information required to help you put your racing knowledge to good use. Nowadays, most bookmakers offer markets for horse racing, but not all of them are worth your time and money. Some have a huge selection of races but the odds are low, while others have good odds but there are hardly any events in the lineup. To make your job easier, here are our top 3 best bookies for this sport!

Constantly the best odds!

Get 40€ money back offer if your first bet loses!

If we take a look at sites that compare different odds offered by more than 100 bookies, we immediately discover Unibet at the top of the list, which is one of the reasons why professional bettors all over the world have an account with this betting agency. 

When you place your horse racing bet with Unibet, take the price on your selection and if the starting price is bigger the bookie will pay you out at the bigger odds! For example, if you take 6/1 and your selection wins at 8/1, you get paid at 8/1.

Unibet’s Best Odds Guaranteed offer is available daily from 8am on the day of the race on all UK and Ireland horse racing bets. It applies to single and multiple bets placed at early prices and up to twenty five thousand pounds (€25,000.00) per customer per day. The offer is not available on ante-post, non-runner no bet, tote/ pari-mutuel (bets and dividends), not to win, enhanced win, cover bets and in-play bets.


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Bet365 is a fantastic platform when it comes to horse racing! As with all top bookies, they offer Best Odds Guaranteed on all races. If you back a winner and it’s SP is higher than the price you backed it at, you’ll be paid the bigger price.  Also, you can watch every race in the UK and Ireland live!

All you need is a funded account, or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours. All racing can be viewed on mobile, tablet and desktop so you can keep up with the action wherever you are. As well as bringing you races from the UK and Ireland, bet365 also covers action from the USA, Brazil, South Africa, France, Dubai, Singapore, India and selected Australian tracks.

Along with their great value Live Horse Racing coverage from At The Races and Racing TV, bet365 offers a comprehensive and FREE Racing Archive service.

Ultra-competitive bonuses and odds

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The 888 horse racing betting section has some very strong points and some not-so-strong points. On the strong side, this is a sleek racing betting interface that is easy to use for newbies and veterans alike. Just click on “horse racing” from the main sports betting menu and you will be presented with a quick view of the next races slated to go off and all the betting options for those races.

A clean interface makes it so that you will have no trouble placing bets, seeing how much you are risking and what you stand to win. Each bet type is clearly labeled and you will see at a glance how to select multiple horses for your forecasts/tricasts.

On the negative side, the racing betting markets here are somewhat limited. 888 Sport does not offer many advanced wagers beyond the basics. The only bet types I’ve been able to find to date are straight up win bets, forecasts and tricasts. Additionally, there is no way to sort through all available tracks. 888 only shows today’s races and future major events such as Cheltenham, the Grand National and so on. 






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